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At Mack Media, we offer a complete line of internet marketing services for your business.

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CT Web Design to Grow Your Business

A CT Web Design Company, based in Brookfield, the Mack Media Group provides web design in Connecticut along with digital marketing and video production services. Each of our CT web design client’s are different, and we custom-tailor our solutions to fit your needs. Our services will change the face of your business for years to come, and help you navigate the online world one step at a time. We can help you create and execute simple, effective, and profitable digital┬ásolutions.

Why Mack Media for Web Design in CT

The web design and development we provide our Connecticut clients revolve around results-driven design. Mack Media works with clients to provide high-level digital services and solutions. Our expert reporting and prompt communication make us a premier solution for any client looking to grow their online presence and increase overall profitability.


Discover & Plan

We start the process by understanding your business goals and design requirements. We work closely with you and plan according to your requirements.



Once we decide on a plan and direction we begin the execution portion of the project. Your new website begins to take shape, or your digital marketing strategy starts to be implemented.



As we approach delivery, your website or marketing strategy undergoes a series of revisions. We make sure the final delivery meets the requirements decided upon in the Discovery and Planning stage.



The management or post delivery support phase of the project includes ongoing support and maintenance for your website.

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Get a free quote today. Mack Media Group specializes in website design, SEO, and targeted digital marketing services. We make it easy to design, implement, or change your website. We work with you to create specialized marketing plans for your business.
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